Slash Z

Slash Z is a tool for Hack Club community members to schedule club meeting video-calls hassle-free.

It's free to use for any Hack Club community members, even without a Zoom Pro account. All you have to do is run "/z" in a Slack message.

Google Calendar add-on New ✨

Need to schedule in advance, or have recurring club meetings? No problem.

You'll need to OAuth with Google and share calendar access so we can set up video-call links & add them to your events. Once you've approved the app, you'll be able to add video-calls with Slash-Z as easily as you would any other conference provider.

Keep in mind Slash Z is only provided to members in Hack Club's community, so you'll only be able to use the Google Calendar add-on if you already have a Slack Account that works with Slash Z.

The other stuff...

Just like everything else we do at Hack Club, the source code for the server and for the Google Calendar add-on are all open-source; you can read it for yourself to understand how it works.

For more details, you can read our privacy policy, contact info, and terms of service